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Why College Students Take Adderall to Cram for Finals, and Why Modafinil is a Safer Alternative

Why College Students Take Adderall for Exams, and Why Modafinil is a Better Option

Adderall among college students who use the drug off-label is becoming a huge source of news in the global media today. It has been estimated that as much as 37% of College Students have taken Adderall recreationally or for studying, and the percentage is even higher when you add in similar ADHD Psychostimulant drugs such as Ritalin, Focalin and Dexedrine. College students would be much better off taking Modafinil, as it has less side effects, is NOT a dangerously addictive amphetamine (speed) like Adderall is, works very effectively, and is actually neuroprotective rather than being neurodestructive like Adderall is.

This article will go into the details of what each drug is, and of why Modafinil is a better alternative (*update…Modafinil is taken somewhat on College campuses, though not as much as it could be. It is best known for its popularity on college campuses in the UK, and you can find dozens of youtube videos about UK college students raving about Modafinil.)

What is Adderall? 

Adderall is a dangerous psychostimulant amphetamine drug that is prescribed for ADHD, sleep disorders, and believe it or not even depression, weight loss and chronic fatigue. Adderall has a huge amount of side effects that occur in users who take it, especially in those who have been taking it regularly for long periods of time, including increased thirst, dehydration, loss of appetite, headache, addiction, depression, twitching and withdrawal. Adderall is extremely habit forming and addictive, and should honestly be avoided by those looking for a kind of “nootropic study effect” as it is dangerous and not worth the risk. 

Why do College students use this..How it Helps with Studying

Since Adderall is speed, it can give users a kind of “cracked-out euphoric high,” this euphoria, while possibly effective in the short term, is long-term more detrimental than helpful for studying. It can cause addiction, depression, extreme weight loss, stomach problems and withdrawal symptoms, and while the dopamine flood can help initially, as tolerance builds, it can actually prove too much for studying. 

Why Modafinil is a better alternative

Modafinil is a better alternative because it is much much safer than Adderall, and because it has actually been clinically proven as the world’s FIRST safe Smart Drug

Modafinil helps users by improving dopamine levels, but it does so in a way that is much more subtle, safe and effective then Adderall does. The improved focus doesn’t come with much in the way of side effects, and there’s no harsh crash that makes it unable to get out of bed the next day (did I mention the next day when you come off of Adderall is an absolute nightmare…and that the withdrawal just won’t end?…Yeah steer clear, Modafinil is much better.)

What is the best Dosage of Modafinil

Modafinil (also commonly known as Modalert or Provigil) is typically taken in dosages from around 1-200 milligrams per day. Modafinil can be taken in dosages as high as 400 milligrams at a time, or at the minimum effective dosage of 100 milligrams. 

How much does Modafinil Cost 

You can typically buy Modafinil online for about $1.00 per pill. When you buy with bitcoin, there’s usually a 10-15% discount also on the product. 

Clinical Trial Research Studies on Modafinil

There is a huge amount of research backing the user and effectiveness of Modafinil. These .gov clinical trial research studies will give more info on the proper use and Smart Drug qualities of Modafinil.


How to use Modafinil Properly

Final Thoughts on How to Use Modafinil as a College Student



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