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Provigil’s Uses

Provigil Uses

An Introduction to Provigil.

Provigil is manufactured by the company Cephalon, Inc. under this commercial name. It is a chemical substance or drug which increases alertness and is therefore categorised as a stimulant. The chemical formula for Provigil is 2-[(diphenylmethyl)sulfinyl] acetamide. It is sometimes also known as Modafinil as Modafinil is the active ingredient in this tablet.

For What Conditions Is Provigil Used?

Provigil is a drug that increases alertness. It is often placed in the samegroup of drugs that includes Adderall and Ritalin, tablets which are well known for their stimulant qualities and their ability to “promote wakefulness.” In a medical sense, Provigil can be taken to prevent the drowsiness that is caused by sleep apnoea or the disease narcolepsy. Most drugs which have been classified as stimulants increase the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain to create the effect of increased alertness. Provigil takes a different pathway through the chemistry of the brain, in that it lowers the brain’s levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid. This inhibits the brain’s ability to slow its constant operations down.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Provigil?

Provigil is enjoying a reputation as a new, “smart” drug. It’s been called a “secret private weapon” and the modern worker’s answer to a lack of motivation. In this sense, it is easy to see why this “Viagra for the Brain” is very popular, because to be able to work at the top of your abilities for 12 hours straight, day after day, really is an advantage. It is Modafinilclear that Provigil is not always dispensed for strictly medical purposes. Nevertheless, Provigil can be legitimately prescribed to soldiers, truck drivers, students, researchers, executives and frequent flyers. All of these people feel the assistance that the drug can give in maintaining alertness, aliveness, presence and focus. There are many sites on the internet which tell all about how to acquire Provigil without a prescription.

How and When Should You Take Provigil?

It is recommended for strict medical purposes that Provigil be taken once a day, in the morning at a dosage of 200mg. Dosages may vary for different conditions but this is the standard dosage which will confer all the best benefits of Provigil to its users. The dosage levels should be strictly monitored in aging patients, because of Provigil’s very strong effectiveness.

One keen executive, who had stopped taking his morning dose of Provigil as a way of comparing his state of mind both on and off the drug, noted his depleted state without Provigil. He recorded a mere seventeen-minute gap between being off the drug and being back to perfect mental alertness once he began to dose up on Provigil again.

The Side Effects of Provigil.

Yes, this wonder drug does cause side-effects, even though severe reactions have been stated to be rare. The more common reactions to Provigil include nervousness, headaches, nausea and anxiety. Much has been said about the dramatic dermatological reactions which can be caused by taking the drug at high dosage, such as double doses of up to 400mg per day. Other side effects may appear, for instance back pain, dry mouth, diarrhoea, heartburn, indigestion, sores or ulcers on the mouth or vomiting.

The Long-Term Usage of Provigil.

The jury is still out on this point. MD’s and other experts in pharmacology have reservations about pushing the limits of the human body to too great an extent. There has not been enough reliable feedback generated which can state for certain what are the long term effects of continuous dosing on Provigil. As well, Doctors are not exactly sure how the tablet works. Most of the negative reactions to Provigil come from the idea that constant usage may cause tolerance levels to change so that the consumers of the drug are taking it solely to normalise their brain function if they are using it continuously over the long term.

A temporary acceptance of Provigil being used for specific circumstances, such as exams, only is common among students. This tentative acceptance seems to hold across many areas of Provigil’s usage.

The Use of Provigil in Silicon Valley.

There is an Internet headline that states that “… using illicit drugs has become part of Silicon Valley’s work culture …” Is this because taking Provigil allows its users to concentrate for such long periods of time? Is this because Provigil’s gives extra-human levels of wakefulness to hard-working Silicon Valley start-up execs and the competitive edge they feel they need? Both of these things could be true, even though Provigil has not been approved by the FDA in the United State4s for these purposes. The drug has however been approved for the purpose of “… improving wakefulness in those who suffer from SWSD, or shift work sleep disorder …” This category may include hard-working Silicon Valley start-up execs …

How to use Provigil Properly.

Out of the scant information that has emerged about the uses and abuses of Provigil, an opinion is slowly forming that the best way to use it is to see the MD first. By choosing this method over the riskiness of buying drugs online, a prospective user of Provigil knows that they are getting what they have paid for. In other words, they are buying Provigil plain and simple. Other important pieces of information to emerge from the background of Hallelujah’s are to take 200mg on the morning of the day of a specific occasion and not to continuously use Provigil over the long term, without taking some breaks from it.

The Dangers of Taking Provigil.

At this stage the dangers of taking Provigil seem to be mainly psychological; the drug is not noted for causing physical addictions. Those people who use the drug consistently may be become habituated to perceiving themselves in “Provigil Mode” when they are at their sharpest, their most energetic and their most fluent. It may become harder for these people to let go and have a Non Provigil Day, when they may perceive themselves as simply human and possibly a bit the worse for having endured the excesses of Provigil. It has not been proved that Provigil causes negative side effects in the long term, but then again it has also not been disproved, so the future for Provigil’s long term consumers is uncertain.

In conclusion, statements about the uncertain results of taking Provigil day after day tend to sum up the worst that can be said about this drug. The euphoria and glee that surround taking Provigil to have a truly great day may be based on many positive experiences, but the lack of substantiated medical research about long term results indicates that the Provigil bubble may burst soon.