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Modafinil, NZT, and CPh4, Are Hollywood Smart Drugs Inspired by Modafinil?

 Modafinil vs Nzt vs CPH4

What do Modafinil, NZT and CPH4 all have in common? This article will examine the very real possibility that Hollywood Smart Drugs, such as NZT, were inspired by the real Smart Drugs of our era, the most powerful of these being Modafinil. While Modafinil isn’t exactly NZT, it won’t make you able to move objects via telepathy and it won’t give you total recall, it has many of the mania and focus effects that NZT has in the movie, and many of the confidence and energy increases that you see in Lucy. 

What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is very potent nootropic drug with beneficial effects that include

-Improved Focus

-Increased Memory

-Better Mood

-Better Visual perception

-Less of a need for sleep, and a better visual perception

Modafinil is often times deemed the “CEO’s drug” and is commonly taken by Silicon Valley executives hungry for wealth for one reason and one reason only, in the case of increased productivity, it works, and it works good! So here’s why these fictional nootropic movies may’ve been inspired by Modafinil. 


What is NZT48, The Fictional Smart Drug from the Movie “Limitless”

If you look at the Smart Drug in the movie Limitless, when he takes the pill, he gets more awake, his focus is better, his ability to memorize better, he doesn’t feel like eating, and above all he says “I wasn’t high, wasn’t wired, just clear, I knew what I needed to do, and how to do it,” this is exactly like how it is when you pop a Modafinil pill! It comes up in around an hour, after it kicks in, you’re wide awake, too productive to eat, your focus is unreal, and you feel clear, calm and like you can conquer the world. Some of the other effects like having access to all of your memories, well that’ll never happen quite frankly. But the focus, memory and energy…yeah it’s all there, that’s why this movie may’ve actually been inspired by Modafinil. 

What is CPH4, The Drug from “Lucy”

The drug from Lucy is even less realistic than the one from Limitless, it gives her magic powers, she melts into a super computer, she can control the cells in her body, and she has access to 100% of her brain, not to mention the ability to travel through time for some reason. Modafinil won’t give you this, but she also becomes more calculating, gets more confident, and has signicantly more energy, she is also much smarter. With regards to these effects, Modafinil can absolutely mimic these effects. 

How to use Modafinil Properly

Using Modafinil properly is best if you take it in dosages of 1-400 milligrams per day. 100mg is usually the minimum effective dosage, and 400 milligrams serves as the ceiling dosage, where anything above this just increases side effects. Modafinil should also be taken with plenty of water, a balanced diet, and a normal sleeping pattern (unless you’re taking it for work-shift sleep disorder, in this case as normal of a sleep pattern as you can manage.)


Effects of Modafinil vs Effects of NZT

Modafinil increases focus, mood, memory, learning capacity and energy levels. NZT gives you perfect recall, all of the aforementioned qualties, relinquishes all fear, and will make you make millions in the stock market…obviously it won’t do all of this, but is has many of the same effects.

Effects of Modafinil vs Effects of CPH4

Lucy was a little out there in terms of cognitive effects, not a bad movie overall though. Anyway, Modafinil will give you the confidence, quick wit, energy and focus that Lucy had. 

Final Thoughts on Modafinil, NZT and CPH4 Comparisons

So it looks like these movies, especially Limitless, may’ve definitely been inspired by the drug Modafinil. If Hollywood is taking a part in its magic, so can you, see what Modafinil can do for your brain function today!



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