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What is the Best Generic Nuvigil on the Market?

What is the Best Generic Nuvigil?

Nuvigil, also known as Alertec, Armodafinil, Arvigil and a host of other brand names, is a newly refined form of Provigil (Modafinil) and is said to be slightly stronger and with less side effects.One of the most powerful Smart Drugs currently on the market, Nuvigil can help the user to have greater focus, mood and memory, as well as to have the energy to work for long periods at a time. Nuvigil was developed decades ago, and as such has a significant amount of research to back it up. Nuvigil’s sister drug, Provigil, has come to light in recent years as a cognitive enhancement drug because of how it can give the user significantly more energy and focus, as well as enhance mood and promote other cognitive benefits in the brain. We know Provigil is effective at this because not only has a study been released deeming Provigil the world’s “first real Smart Drug” but also because in the 90’s, it was an over the counter supplement, and turned prescription only after people realized it works extremely well and it became a big hit. Nuvigil is said to be 30% stronger than Provigil, and also to be a cleaner form of the drug. This article will look at the generic Nuvigil brands that are available, and will discuss how they can be used for cognitive enhancement.

For details on Provigil being deemed the world’s first “safe Smart Drug” you can read more here:

Generic Nuvigil Brands

There are several major Generic Nuvigil brands, or names that Nuvigil goes by. They are as follows:

Nuvigil-The most popular name brand of Armodafinil, very powerful, comes in 150 milligram tablets.

Generic NuvigilArmodafinil-The actual name of the drug compound itself, You’ll rarely find a drug named “Armodafinil,” instead it will typically have the company’s brand name on it.

Artvigil-A rare name for Nuvigil, a lot of online pharmacies sell Nuvigil product with this name on it. It’s still real Armodafinil, just a less common title for it.

Waklert-Almost as popular of a name as Nuvigil, made by the same company.

Nuvigil vs Provigil, Generic and Brand Name

Nuvigil is said to be as much as 30 times more powerful than Provigil, and can last for significantly longer.Users who take Nuvigil on popular nootropics forums such as Longecity or Reddit claim that Nuvigil lasted for as long as 15 hours on a single, 150 milligram tablet dosage!

How Nuvigil Works in the Brain

Nuvigil works the same way a lot of stimulant drugs do (though there are also some vast differences that make it much safer than drugs like Adderall or Ritalin.) It works on a group of stimulant (excitatory) neurotransmitters, by clocking their reuptake, and pushing them to important regions of the brain, such as the frontal lobe cortex. The neurotransmitters that Nuvigil works on, in orderof frequency and importance, are

Histamine-The primary neurotransmitter that promotes wakefulness, this is Nuvigil’s bread and butter and is how most of its wakefulness-promoting effects come about. Compared to something like dopamine, this is non-addictive yet at the same time incredibly potent. Adderall and Ritalin use dopamine as their primary neurotransmitter, and while effective in the short-term, it’s very dangerous and addictive long-term.

Dopamine-As discussed above, Nuvigil acts on this in a very small amount, less than that of even Coffee, meaning it has very low addictive potential.

Norepinephrine-This neurotransmitter is responsible for the physical stimulation you feel when taking Nuvigil.

Generic Nuvigil Side Effects

While side effects are few and mild, they do exist. These can include

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loss of appetite

increased thirst

dry mouth

insomnia if taken too late at night

As you can see these are fairly mild. This is not a full list of any side effects that can occur whilst taking Nuvigil. Just because a side effect is listed as possible, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to occur with each user.


1 Tablet per day, 150 milligrams.

Research Articles on Nuvigil

For research on Nuvigil, you can read more at the following URL’s for .gov clinical trial studies

Conclusion on the Best Generic Nuvigil Brands

Nuvigil is a very potent nootropic and prescription drug that can be found at a wide variety of locations online or from your doctor. If you’re looking for the best in Smart Drug Cognitive Enhancement, give Nuvigil a go, you won’t be disappointed!



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