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What is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a potent prescription drug for narcolepsy, increasing focus in those with ADHD, for “work-shift sleep disorder” is prescribed off-label as a general stimulant to fight obesity, and is taken by bio-hackers looking to increase performance, promote cognitive enhancement, and to be more productive throughout the day. The drug is becoming increasingly popular in the nootropics community, and among students and stressed out entrepreneurs looking to make more money at all costs.

Reported Benefits of Modafinil?

Modafinil improves wakefulness, improves focus, stimulates adrenaline, and improves memory for the entirety of its 12 hour duration. Over both and long and short term, Modafinil can help you to increase focus, mood and productivity.

Why Should I use Modafinil?

You should use Modafinil if you’re looking for relief in any of the illnesses and/or disorders listed above, or if you’re a stressed out worker looking to greatly improve on the job cognitive skills, and get more done in the work day.

How long is shipping time?

Shipping usually takes around 21 days, give or take about a week depending on what happens with customs.

What are side effects I should be concerned with?

Typical side effects of Modafinil include insomnia, dry mouth, headache, loss of appetite, and increased thirst (the typical side effects that you would find in any kind of stimulant.)

Where does this Modafinil come from?

This Modafinil comes directly from the suppliers of HAB Pharmaceuticals in India, and is the purest, 100% Modafinil you will find of any vendor.

How does Modafinil improve wakefulness in the brain?

Modafinil improves wakefulness in the brain by increasing how Dopamine, Seratonin and Norepinephrine are transmitted in critical regions, such as the frontal lobe cortex of the brain. This results in not only better overall wakefulness, but also a higher degree of focus and clarity of thought.

When will I receive my tracking information?

You will receive tracking information so you can in-detail track the exact location of your parcel almost immediately after you order (never more than 24 hours and normally less than half that!)

What’s the difference between you and other vendors?

We have been in the business for over 6 years, and a reliable, trustworthy vendor of Modafinil products, with us, you are ensured discreet, professional service always.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship Modafinil to everywhere in the world except: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates. If you live in one of these countries, you can use a mail forwarding company like for delivery. Please note that we don’t offer refunds or reshipments if the respective forwarding service refuses to forward your order.

Where do you ship from?

We ship Modafinil from India, directly from the HAB Pharmaceuticals suppliers.

How can I track my order?

We will send you a link to where you can see exactly where your product is almost immediately after you’ve placed your order.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Yes we do ship to PO Boxes, please note that you will need to pick up your package at the front desk.

My order has been retained by customs, is this a problem?

No, it is not. Your order being looked at by customs is simply routine, all parcels go through customs, but are not actually being inspected. Seeing these two status descriptions is very normal, “Retention reason: other” or “retention reason: awaiting presentation to customs commissioner” only if the status doesn’t change for around ten days or more…could the status be an issue.

What is the packaging like, is it very discreet?

We are required by the Indian post office to simply state on the envelope that it contains “Health Products”. We’re already working on ways to fix this in order to be 100% discreet. Right now, we can offer 95%.

What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) and Bitcion.

Do you offer full refunds?

Yes we do. If your order has been lost or stolen by customs after the product leaves India. We offer a reshipment of your product rather than a refund, and if you received damaged goods or the wrong goods on our side of the transaction the same method applies. We do not however offer reshipments or refund if you use the wrong shipping address, or if you did not accept the order even after several failed delivery attemps.