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Can you Overdose on Provigil?

What Is This, Can you Overdose on Provigil?


Provigil, which is commonly referred to as Modafinil, is prescription medication that promotes wakefulness. It is a cure for those suffering from excessive sleep and works through motivating the brain. It has been a legal drug in the market since 1998. Likewise, it is mainly a cure for narcolepsy, work sleep disorder and apnea. It helps patients to cope with changing sleep patterns and remain awake for longer.


What is it used for


Besides the official use, Provigil finds many other uses. It is not only a wakefulness drug, but also used to treat depression, psychiatric, neurodegenerative conditions, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.


adrafinil usesIt helps improve mood and results in positive emotions. Similarly, it is important in enhancing cognitive functions, reducing fatigue and age-induced sedation. It is even a weight-loss solution.




Modafinil is linked with so many sanctioned and off-label benefits. It treats conditions that the brain plays a hand in and can therefore be said to be a cure for the following:


Excessive sleepiness: Modafinil helps those with sleep conditions to stay awake. It does this with minimal side effects, and this differentiates it from other stimulants


Modafinil helps with cognition, and this brings efficiency in studies, social events and at work. It is important at improving focus, mood, creativity and analytical capabilities




Provigil exhibits optimal results when taken in quantities of 200 milligrams up to 400 milligrams. It works best in the morning, or just before a shift when treating work shift disorder and excessive sleepiness. The intake goes well with or without food. It is further best to take this drug without alcohol. Still, it is not advisable to take while pregnant or breast feeding.


Side Effects


Modafinil is associated with some of the following side effects:


Swollen legs


Skin rashes and peeling


Short breath


Sore mouth


Dark urine


Swollen eyes, nose, lips and tongue


It is further linked with rare cases of severe effects such as:






Back pain








Long-Term Effects


There have been no clinical trials to measure the effects of Provigil in the long-run. It is however not linked with addiction even after extensive use. As much as it is effective on conditions such as narcolepsy and apnea, there is no indication that it cures this condition in the long-run.


In addition, Provigil enhances cognition and mental prowess for as long as it is consumed. However, this does not continue if you stop taking the drug, even after years of using it.


Use in Silicon Valley


Provigil is linked with Silicon Valley because of the competitive advantage that it offers. It is mostly used to enable executives to work for longer hours without diminishing productivity. It is said to be an entrepreneur’s drug because of its effects on cognition. It has become a casual drug taken for purposes that it is not typically prescribed for.


How to Use Properly


When obtained as a prescription drug, it helps to take Provigil as advised by the doctor. Nonetheless, you can stick to intakes of 200 to 400 milligrams per day. In addition, it works best in the morning, or just before a shift as a wakefulness drug.


You should also consult your doctor if you have additional queries or in situations where you suffer the side effects.




Provigil may have some severe effects. This however happens in a small number of patients. When these effects appear, the patient should stop the medication and consult a doctor. The dangers are:




Uneven heart beat


Chest discomfort


Bleeding and bruising


Sore mouth and lips


Severe skin illness


Mental difficulties and intense mood swings




Provigil is a life saver for a number of patients who would find it extremely difficult to achieve much at work. It is even useful to those with attention disorders and extends to help entrepreneurs, students, executives and others, in their day to day lives.


It is mostly linked with short term benefits such as wakefulness, alertness, energy and great social intelligence. It thus helps in social and academic aspects.